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Bird!!! (>0/)

(\( ‘v’ )/)

gods you’re adorable

(>30/) bird kiss!!

look at this precious person right here

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Bird!!! (>0/)

(\( ‘v’ )/)

gods you’re adorable

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hellooooo ♥♥♥♥



stream was very entertaining to me, i cant believe this omg

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nothing new there

hush. doesn’t mean i can’t be concerned

friends are upset :(



The blue isn’t super noticeable although it shows in the front a little and on some parts of the underside depending on lighting. I didn’t bleach my hair first which has given the dye an interesting effect where the color varies immensely. Indoors it almost looks black with purple tint, but outside it’s pretty purple. :D

It’s my first time dyeing my hair myself and I’m really happy with it!


Yeah, I would imagine so

Ah, wait. I think I may have to run soon, sorry about that

It was nice talking to you though, maybe we can do that again sometime soon, yes?

oh, sure! important ghost guide duties await. i’ll see you around~ :>

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never said i was a hero. ;> i don’t always ask monsters, the wild animals in my forest are perfectly good at disposal too. besides, half the time i go for people on their deathbed in hospitals.
It’s still not something I’m particularly thrilled hearing about or knowing.
Still it’s not like you’re one to constantly flaunt how easily he can murder anyone at any given time or go on and on about how much pleasure he gets from killing people which is a step up from a lot of other individuals.
Honestly, I don’t know what to think of you. You are powerful and you scare me, but you actually seem like a reasonable guy. More often then not you talk about interesting stuff or cute things in your life. You seem more proud of your ability to prank people and scare the everliving shit out of them then your ability to end or ruin their lives in “hilarious” ways. So…
I dunno. You’re honestly one of the better monsters online, but you’re still a monster. Whether you have a choice in what you do or not, I’m still going to be wary of you.

i could, if i were against a human, and even then only maybe. part of my lack of flaunting is because i’m not some big indestructible powerhouse like some of the monsters around here. i’m fragile, and even if i did get enjoyment out of it, which i don’t, it’s in my best interests not to get into that sort of trouble.

pranking and scaring people is just plain fun, but tricksters are supposed to teach lessons this way. it’s sorta our thing. it’s hard to teach someone a lesson if they’re dead and i’ve noticed many tricksters don’t care about that. 

i respect that, regardless of my motivations, i do still kill people and you have every right to be wary.