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Dar if you were a familiar on the dragon site, which one would you choose



So this just happened.

im not nerok yes i am :(

you’re birdnerd

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Do that before u crawl into bed

or maybe you’re more away than i initially thought. i know, i will. nobody likes smoke and soot covered blankets.

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still. and yeah dar said he was going to take care of the kitten and go to bed a little while ago.

haha i know, it’s cute, i appreciate that you’re worried about me ♥

im glad you’re safe i was worried about u uwu

i told you guys i could handle things myself ♥ i always have, after all~

i’m back and managed to avoid making any machines explode in my face this time. my skull is however covered with smoke and i need to take a bath. B(


i never said nothing would happen, just that i didn’t mean it like that.

darrararius said:



youre still a loser but with like 100% more bird

u always draw me so fucking precious <332

oh my god.

shadowbirdsitu said:


"My inspiration was…the look of you tracking down my brother."


Anonymous said: I've seen enough hentai to know where thats going

shush you. that wasn’t what i meant.