the town shouldn’t effect you unless u done some bad shit u regret then it will create monster to disembowel you

yeah, Dar mentioned that. but uh… i think both of us have so. :V

i’m more concerned with the monsters that are there already.


ehhhhh you’re not really the right person to ask about that

Don’t worry itll be great~

but i trust you ♥

i cannot believe i have agreed 100% to go on a date with Dar to a silent hill game.

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What if I painted my claws to match Varali’s….

you are the biggest dork. do it.


dumb bird

i love you too you big loser ♥

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Anonymous said: Birb mod, you ish cool

(( Thank u anon friend :> ))



askelvisandclaris-ghs said: Claris crossed her arms, pouting, the god wasn't really helping to ease her worry. But that bridge will be crossed sooner or later when she goes exploring again. "Hopefully... Hm, how has it been in your forest lately?"

Really though, did she expect him to? Situ made a vague gesture accompanied with an unsure sound, “it’s been… good. stuff happens but it’s getting over it. faster than it would naturally. having a friend who happens to be a nature affiliated god has its perks.