dear god this relationship has done wonders for you


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Anonymous said: M!A: Situ now likes blowjobs

no amount of magic will change it. no.

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Anonymous said: Well either way you still got boned in the bum

i cannot deny this.

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one. day.

not a chance.

Anonymous said: We all know you've already sucked one

haha no actually i haven’t. it’s the one thing i’m completely adamant about not trying with no exceptions. you can ask Darrius, he will express his disappointment that i am telling the truth here.

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feral-candybug replied to your post: darrararius replied to your post:Kissi…

omg situ did you just


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haha yeah i bet u did ;>

darrararius said: Kissing is pretty grosss right?

kissing. ew. gods no. i’d rather suck a dick.

turbogobstopper said: Do you hate your bird fluff?

yes. of course. it’s the worst. keeps me too warm and makes everyone flock to me.