spending time with my best friend apparently translates into “immediately fall asleep on him and sleep for like 13 hrs”

im sorry situ

pffff it’s okay. i am a very comfortable birdblanket i can understand why people fall asleep on me all the time.

#but also not bc i noticed there’s hardly anything left in the kitchen



i think Fer fell asleep again not too long after he made that post pfff


I think I fell asleep on Situ before the movie even started

it’s okay, i think i know how your movie player works well enough now so i started another movie after.

yes, okay. 8) i’ll set out some snacks.

yeee 8>

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whenever, today is good. 8)

i can be over in a minute if you’d like~ :>

feral-candybug said: if you're really bored you can fluster me while i braid your hair and maybe we can catch up on some disney movies.

yes i like that idea lots too~ uvu


you’ve never truly flustered me.


maybe made me blush a bit.

i’ll have you know it’s quite difficult to actually make me flustered enough to lose my head.

feel free to try, though. ♥

i don’t think i’d be able to really do it without knowing you way better than i do now.

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"maybe i should try to fluster libby." this is something i /never/ thought i would hear you say.

well apparently i can do it without even trying

also i am very bored lately

Libby is the second person to tell me to stop making them blush

i don’t blog on here as often as i should but at least i still use this blog to talk to people everyday.