I’m fine with non-fatal mischief and mayhem I would rather like to keep myself in one piece anyway. Been to many incidents where people have come after me with pointy things and I would rather like to keep my last eye.

 Scaring people would work just fine. 

perfect~! ‘v’

there need to be more gods and deities concerned with self preservation like us.

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Ah same boat same boat. 

We should meet up some time cause some havoc. I haven’t been to the Americas for a great deal of time might be fun to shake the place up a bit. 

haha~ depends on what sort of havoc you have in mind. i love mischief and mayhem as much as the next trickster, but i try to avoid the attention of hunters and the like. non-fatal stuff usually keeps things under their radars.

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Anonymous said: Do you and Darrius have pet names for each other?

not really! i don’t use pet names too often and the ones he uses are pretty standard fare

i like that child.

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shadowbirdsitu replied to your post “I got too many followers too quickly to greet all of you 3: Why don’t…”

hellooooo i’m birb

Hello Birb bird! I’m C’heil! I’m digging your skull face it looks really neat!

hehe~ i’m Situ, and thank you, i think my skull face is neat too ‘v’

darrararius said: It's cold outside, not like that actually effects you

yeah but i appreciate the sentiment regardless ♥

but really, it’s cold, so what are you doing not under this blanket with me? get in here before i drag you in.

askelvisandclaris-ghs said: It's cold outside~!


this is going directly into my blanket nest thank you child~

anincoherentrambler said: "It's cold outside, bird." Lenny tossed a blanket at him, repaying the favor.

hehe~ thanks, i know you don’t exactly trust me or anything, but you looked a little chilly, and i have a few to spare.

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by* … anyway how ya likin’ it so far? He really details those recipes

it’s neat~ a little more interesting than i was expecting. i like it. ‘v’