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as much as it pained me to, i cut down a bunch of trees last night in animal crossing to even out the abundant nature vs abundant living…

it’s improving my town rating BUT AT WHAT COST

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I must admit being a bird is pretty great~ 

#we should do that again sometime#and do more bird things#like that weird dust bath thing birds do that looks fun

you can do the dust bath thing, i’m more keen on watery bird baths.

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Anonymous said: What do you call it when you eat a soul and it ceases to be a soul? They call a similar concept 'doubledead' where Darrius is from. And Family Guy implicitly calls another similar concept 'super dead'.


nah, a soul is energy, when i eat it i am absorbing it and taking the energy to repair my face or simply to sustain myself. 

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Anonymous said: Oh boy. You had to find out sooner or later. Darrius is from a mini-universe that is part of a massive, complicated and godsdamned ridiculous system by which universes 'give birth' to other universes. The thing that starts this process each time occurs in a form that appeals to youths on the cusp of the next phase of their lives - often a game of some sort. It has had many names, often five-letter names that start with S and end with B. If you look further into this, say bye to your free time.

that sounds way too complicated but i know Dar already visits multiple timelines and universes and that’s plenty complex for me.

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Devlin ft Wretch 32 Off With Their Heads by Messrs (full video)

and by haunt a graveyard i mean get some food.

in light of current dashboard events…

i’m gonna go haunt a graveyard.

Anonymous said: Oh no. I've just realized. Darrius is a part of You-Know-What. You-Know-What does NOT play nice with pumpkins. Prepare for a birdy earful of 'what pumpkin?'.

part of what?


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